Velux Window Blinds

Easi-stop roller blinds are suitable for any window but are specially designed for skylight windows including Velux™. With over 200 fabrics from our rollers range, including blackout options, there’s something for every room and taste.

Velux Blinds are made for Genuine Velux windows only. You can tell if you have a genuine Velux window by pulling the handle down, and looking on the outer casing of the frame.

If you do not have a genuine Velux window, you can use alternatives. We are currently in the process of putting these products onto our website, and we will try to make them as accessible as possible.


Here is a general overview of the Velux Window Blinds types that are available:

Blackout blinds help to turn day into night. They come with an aluminium backing as standard which reduces heat gain and loss. Also available in a wide range of colours and designs.

The new Flying Pleated Blind allows more flexible position in the window as it’s not fixed to the top or bottom. Providing basic privacy and greater control of sunlight. This soft, decorative effect is available in a wide range of designs and colours.

Standard Roller Blinds provide basic privacy and control of sunlight, a wide range of colours and patterns available to choose from. Can be positioned at any point on the window for precision light control.


There are a wide range of accessories available for each blind type, such as:

  • Extension rods to open your blind, and your window
  • Remote control operation
  • White window kits to colour co-ordinate your blind